Coronavirus (COVID-19): We are open!! 

Updated May 24th, 2021:

At Glorieta Adventure Camps, we are so excited to announce that we are welcoming our first summer campers for the 2021 season on June 1st! A HUGE thank you to the Lord, incredibly generous donors, and kind guests who have supported us through the last 18 months of sadness and financial difficulty. 


We have closely worked with the State of New Mexico to arrive at a plan that takes into consideration the guidelines outlined by the CDC and ACA. The safety and health of our staff and guests continue to be a top priority which means that there will be several COVID safe practices in place that will require everyone’s cooperation. 


Family Camp, Group Camp, Day Camp, and Conferences will all be open this summer although in varying reduced and limited capacities. We anticipate a full Retreat season starting in August so sign your group up now!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Glorieta Adventure Camps still open to guests?

We will be closed to outside visitors as we strive to create a safe environment for the guests of our programs onsite. 


Are all summer programs (Family Camp, Group Camp, Day Camp, and Conferences) still  taking place in 2021?

All programs will be open this summer although in varying limited capacities and sessions.


Do program participants have to wear a mask? 

Yes, we are closely following all of the NM State guidelines and if those change, then so will the Glorieta Camps policy change.

***Vaccinated adult guests of Family Camp, can remove their mask when at an outside recreational site*** 


Will there be a Community Day in Summer 2021? 

Yes! On July 17th from 10am-4pm. Parking is $10 per vehicle and activity bands are $20 per person. All attendees will need to sign a participant release form and follow the NM State mask and distancing guidelines. 


Is Glorieta Camps hiring? 

Yes! We are still looking for wonderful adult and high school volunteers, summer staff that love Jesus, and full time employees. Check out openings at


What additional safety measures are you putting in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

  • Daily screenings
  • Encouraging staff and guests to be vaccinated 
  • Distancing 
  • Wearing masks 
  • Increased ventilation
  • Reducing capacity in all buildings/locations 
  • Increased hygiene 
  • Increased sanitization and disinfection
  • Decreased capacity in all aspects 
  • Limiting group sizes 


Will day hikers and bikers still be allowed at Glorieta Adventure Camps?

Hikers and bikers are welcome to utilize our trail system by parking at the Baptist Bypass Trailhead located at 35 NM-50, Glorieta, NM. If you choose to hike or bike, we ask that you please stay on the trails and do not enter our main property (including main camp roads).  We also ask that you abide by all national, state, and county guidelines and regulations in regards to COVID safety. 


How to Contact Our Team 

If you have any additional questions regarding COVID-19 and Glorieta Adventure Camps, feel free to reach out!